Busy with real life, but not too busy to practice Illustrator! #vectorart #gameart

It is a well known fact that I am a huge geek!:)


I love everything related to super heroes and fantasy, and it is a major influence to me whenever I sit down and do creative work.


Lately I’ve been inspired by the concept of dual sided characters… Like the Man in the doorway who was really a demon… and I have continued along that path with my recent practice sessions in Adobe Illustrator.


The following works are born from my passion and joy of reading comic books and watching films… Marvel and Star Wars will always have a special place in my heart.:)


Feel free to share these, or let me know in the comments if you recognize the characters😉


Following the path, made by the monster.



The Power of the Dark Side.



Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

Fear leads to Anger.

Anger leads to Hate.

Hate leads to Suffering.



Illustrator practice day 8, awesome fiery phoenix shirt design! #fashion #gameart

A lot more focus on using the Pen Tool and making curvy lines (and a little bit of laziness when I copy/reflected the wing and reused it at the opposite side )

Took roughly 1½ hour, looking at many different reference images and tattoos.

My girlfriend loves the Phoenix, so the idea for today’s practice session came from me wanting to make something for her. Something that she would like… And I was lucky😉 Cause she liked it. Yay! :p

I find that my creative juices start to flow much more freely, and my drive to finish what I started is much stronger, when I envision 1 specific person as the recipient of whatever it is I am about to make.


You can get the shirts that I made with this image, right here at my spreadshirt shop


adobe illustrator practice turned into a shirt design #gameart

Hey All!

Yesterday’s practice session became today’s passive income!:)

I turned it into a shirt design for my spreadshirt shop and ordered one for myself hehehe:)


If you’re curious to get one yourself, feel free to check it out here , it is a great way to dress in unique clothes while also supporting me so I can keep on doing what I do!

Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for shirts that you’d like to see:)


Tim Burton Exhibition and loads of practice with Illustrator.

I took a trip to Germany , more precisely the city of Brühl to visit the Tim Burton Exhibition… and it was faaaaantastic!:)

It was really nice to see the artworks of Tim Burton up close and the various sculptures, his influences and his early years… And I also bought a book while I was there. The Art of Tim Buron, with over 1000 illustrations, many of them are foldout pages… Its friggin awesome!😀

Here’s what I drew today. Heavily inspired by horror films like the Exorcist and vampire movies.. I call it “The Monster in the Doorway” … but after I drew it, I started to think about a phrase that I think is fitting for this image…

“Light reveals what lurks beneath the surface of the dark waters…”


So yeah,  I didnt get as much practice done during those days, and the days following the trip… But I am back and I am practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills again!:)

practice-day-003 practice-day-004 practice-day-005 practice-day-006-web sprite-sheet-practice


illustrator practice day 002

here’s another one … also have a few ideas for some spritesheets coming up.



Illustrator Practice day 001

I’m going to cut to the chase… Oh, and hello again😉

First update, showing my progress with illustrator… the plan is to do a minimum of 3 updates pr week, showing my daily practice session with Adobe Illustrator.

So here’s my first day:)


The necromancer returns…

Rise my minion! *Tastygraph casts a resurrection spell on this blog*

Hi everyone…

it has been ages…

years in fact…

and for that I apologize (Lets face it, its not like you were holding your breath, waiting for a new update… if so… then… yikes, I hope this resurrection spell affects you too then, my poor zombie friend😉 )

So what does a Tastygraph do in about 4 years?

We’ll I’ve worked hard at becomming better at programming.

I’ve practiced my 2d drawing skills and managed to save up money for a Wacom Cintiq13HD drawing tablet, bought a spanking new supercomputer and a whole bunch of other things(tm)…

Been promoted at work to now be a part time school teacher as well, so I am in charge of planning and teaching the computer science classes for the 5th graders (the only grade that is taught computer science at this school)

I’ve managed to release a few games on my Kongregate Page and I have also started livestreaming my game development sessions which you’ll be able to watch on my Twitch Channel (its like a television program where you watch whats happening on my screen while im explaining what I am doing:) )

And lastly I have also been posting updates to the Tastygraph Game Development group over on facebook:)

oh… and as a little visual proof of concept, so you can see that I havent been completely slacking off! Here’s a video of what my super mario / meatboy and zelda2 inspired 2d platformer currently looks like:) (This is after 2 months of work)

TastyGraph’s Donationbox

Any and all donations are most welcome and will be put to use for buying a new Wacom Tablet :) Please make some donations

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